Playing With Power

Margaret Thatcher once made it to German headlines once with the following phrase: "Don't cut me off when I am interrupting you!"
What might sound funny is actually a very accurate observation of her powerplay; and ladies, no one can deny that she knew how to play with power!

Studies show that every 10th man is in a leading position, but only every 25th woman.

I wish to change that and also wish to help as many women as possible to change that too.
This not only has a clear advantage for the ladies, but as research from McKinsey has shown, also for the companies themselves; after all, a business that embraces diversity is a healthy business!

I would highly appreciate your assistance with my goal to promote diversity in business.



Thanks to Carla for a fabulous and interesting night ~ Fiona Drake

I went to one of Carla's lectures and it was a real insight. Highly recommended ~ Ginny Carter

I recently attended a session run by Carla on 'Women empowerment'. It has changed my whole take on how to approach meetings and most importantly where to place myself physically in a meeting. It's amazing how just one hour of listening to Carla has brought about this change. I would reccomend Carla's training for women in work / business ~ Dr.Faria Khan