Support for choosing Suitable Expatriates

Sending an employee abroad is connected with a bunch of expectations on all sides. The employee itself wants to collect new experiences, which shall be useful for him in his career as well as on a personal level.
The company of course sends the employee abroad to improve their connections to their subsidiaries or their plants abroad. Ideas and new concepts shall be shared, new contacts shall be built. This, in the end shall give an advantage for the company make it work more efficient.

Which are the preconditions to make this plan successful?

Who is suitable for such a stay abroad?

What is the contact abroad for? Only a short time contact or does the company seek for a long time connection?

Do I wish to finalize a one off business or do I wish to make a project successful?
Are both parties eager on a big part of the cake or shall a cake be cooked together?
I am happy to explain which preconditions are needed to lead whichever ambitions to success..