Return of Expatriates after their Stay Abroad

The emotional reactions after the return are getting underestimated most of the time. From the returning Expatriates as well as from those who stayed at home.
To make full use of the new knowledge learned abroad, there has to built up an awareness of the struggles, which occur.
For this complex issues I am happy offer my assistance.

Graph after Kohls:

Phase A: Arrival and discovery

Phase B: Disillusion and disappointment

Phase C: Culture shock

Phase D: Acclimatisation to the culture

Phase E: to feel like home

Phase F: shock on return

Phase G: Reintegration into the culture

Phase A: e.g. open minded friendly Americans, high standard equipment in a laboratory
Phase B: e.g.: the kindness is only superficial and only two weeks leave per year
Phase C: Culture shock. Feelings of being isolated may come up.
Phase D: the rules are understood and are getting used. e.g. Thanksgiving gets celebrated
Phase E: e.g. Becoming a member of the local auxiliary fire brigade
Phase F: for many people surprisingly a second shock comes up on the return. The advantages of a superficial kindness can be seen and missed.
Phase G: Catching up with old lads. Furthermore search for new contacts with other Expatriates.